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Commercial and Industrial Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato. Summit Scaffolding Waikato.

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For all Scaffolding Waikato call Summit Scaffolding a company who is fast developing a name for quality. Established in 2010, Summit has grown steadily over the last decade to become a positive employer and contributor to the local economy in both the Auckland and Waikato regions.
New Zealand owned by a group of dedicated scaffolders-cum-businessmen with many years’ national and international experience, Summit Waikato has accrued the material resources and manpower required to achieve a market-leading position and maintain it.

The reasons for this upwards trajectory are simple and can be summed up in three words: Service, Safety and Efficiency. Summit Scaffolding Waikato is now proud to be a company at the forefront of the competitive scaffolding industry nationwide.
Our focus on all facets of scaffold design and installation including commercial, residential and industrial puts us in the spotlight because servicing many industries well is a definite test of our logistic processes! We are happy to report that our team of experienced scaffolders are up for any challenge and have consistently proven their aptitude many times over.

All large and small-scale design and costing solutions are handled by that team – in fact, all our workers and managers are career scaffolders, employed because of their professional commitment and capability.
They have in-depth knowledge of the industry and will tailor a comprehensive scaffolding plan to meet your exact requirements, within your budget and time frame, and with safety as paramount.
Our exemplary health and safety record is something that we work hard to uphold. Following workplace safety documentation means we adhere to the Health and Safety in Employment Act, 2015 and the Health and Safety in Employment Regulations, 1995 and our installers hold hard-earned Site Safe Cards. All supervisors hold Site Safe Gold Cards, and most have international qualifications.

You can rely on Summit Scaffolding Waikato for safety, competence, and expertise. Call us for:
• Residential scaffolding
• Commercial scaffolding
• Industrial scaffolding
• Propping and shore loading


Branch Manager: Gary Pearson

Cell: 0220 432619


Residential Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato

Residential Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato. An intrinsic part of Summit Scaffolding Waikato is our highly skilled and efficient residential service. Our team attends to any type of residential requirement, whether it’s as simple as installing the scaffold for a new paint job, or as complex as tailoring scaffold to access an architecturally designed ‘tricky to reach’ roof replacement.

We try to be as creative in our approach to finding solutions for those difficult tasks as possible, keeping your budget and time frame front of mind. All jobs assigned to Summit Waikato are specifically designed and quoted (we offer free estimates and competitive rates) and each is treated with equal respect and diligence.

All of our operatives are polite and conscientious and will go out of their way to keep your property clean and tidy – and your neighbours well informed if they are affected. We also keep any disruption to a minimum, and your project will be underway promptly and efficiently so the next stage can be completed in good time.

Our strategy to achieve great results is based on Summit Scaffolding’s extensive training program which has installed a professional, polite and loyal workforce. A big push on performance, health and safety allied with a conscientious work ethos has been the driving force behind Summit Scaffolding’s growth and success and we are stoked that all systems are Go.
For new and existing homes or apartment rebuilds, subdivisions, renovations, extensions or improvements, touch base with a member of our team.

We’ll make a time to discuss your needs, visit the site and provide a quotation for the project.
• New and existing homes
• Rebuilds
• Renovations
• Extensions
• Subdivisions
• Apartments.
Our scaffolders install:
• Platforms of 1000mm width for added safety
• K Guard and Catchfan roof and edge protection
• Brick guard barrier systems around all working decks
• Rubbish chutes
• Mobile and floating scaffolds
• Roof and cladding protection against weather or contaminant (e.g     asbestos) removal
• On-site fencing and bridge decks
• Equipment Hire
• Shrink Wrap
• Propping and Shore Loading.

Residential Scaffolding. Scaffolding Services Waikato.
Residential Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato. Scaffolding Services Waikato.
Commercial and Industrial Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato. Summit Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato.
Industrial Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato. Summit Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato.
Scaffolding Hamilton Waikato.

Commercial/Industrial Scaffolding Waikato.

Commercial/Industrial Scaffolding Hamilton, Waikato. Summit Scaffolding Waikato undertakes both commercial and industrial projects with skill and aptitude, and with your timeframes and costs as our priority. From factories and warehouses to packing sheds and shops, our team are equipped with the best gear to get the job done.

Our attitude is collaborative and once a design and quote are agreed upon, our work commences promptly so your commercial or industrial project can get underway and into the black!
Summit’s commitment to providing our clients with best practice work standards is strengthened by our focus on ensuring a safe working environment and a safe product. Our departments are run by highly skilled and experienced managers who know their legislative mandates backwards, and this knowledge is transferred to the whole team via training and support networks right down the line.

Each member is licenced with mandatory certification in accordance with The Health and Safety in Employment Act (1992) and The Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995 and we also comply with the Best Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding in New Zealand.

It is our policy to conduct all our operations in such a manner that the health and safety of our workforce, our clients and members of the public are protected to the best of our ability at all times.
We’re doing very well on that front, as exhibited by our continued involvement in key roles in some of the largest commercial and industrial developments in the North Island.
Our scaffolding systems are fully compliant, regularly assessed and maintained, and we operate with a wider than normal (1 metre) working platform to maximise the safety of our team and yours. Ensuring easy and safe access to your site allows contractors to proceed efficiently to complete their work within the specified time frame and budget restraints – fundamental requirements for any project.

Some of the products and services we are proud to offer include:
• Platforms of 1000mm width
• K Guard and Catchfan edge protection and barrier systems
• Pitch angle roof and edge protection and guard rails
• Tube and fitting scaffolding
• Kwikstage scaffolding
• Fixed, mobile or suspended scaffolding
• Shade cloth
• Birdcages
• Pedestrian gantries and public access walkways
• Propping (Falsework) and Shoring.
• Loading bays
• Demolition chutes
• Safety nets
• Temporary fences
• Shrink wrap weather-proofing and to contain pollutants, dust and debris.

Contact Summit Scaffolding Waikato to discuss your commercial or industrial requirements. We supply ‘better than industry standard’ services for projects such as:
• Main headquarters
• Multi-storey apartments
• Office blocks
• Shopping malls
• Industrial sites
• Demolition sites
• Retail outlets
• Prisons
• Universities
• All commercial, civil and industrial enterprise

Scaffolding Sales and Equipment Hire Hamilton Waikato.
Scaffolding Sales and Equipment Hire Waikato.
Scaffolding Waikato. Industrial Residential Scaffolding Waikato.

Scaffolding Equipment Hire Hamilton Waikato

Scaffolding Equipment Hire, Hamilton Waikato
Summit Scaffolding Waikato services are allied with a hire and sales department. Run by our highly skilled and experienced manager, Howard Pan, this ancillary division is a popular choice for tradies, subbies, builders, contractors, property developers and private individuals wanting to source and install their own scaffolding.

Our hire and sales division also offers you the option to buy our ISO9001:2000 certified equipment, then sell back to us once your project is underway – a sensible solution which allows you to avoid over capitalising on gear needed for a limited time.
Have a chat to Howard Pan. He’ll present doable solutions for all your scaffold hire or buy requirements and is most likely to recommend our Kwikserv range.

We have such huge confidence in this product that we have it designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards in our factory in China, under strict quality control supervision.

Kwikserv meets all New Zealand and Australian quality and safety specifications and the reason Summit Waikato utilise this system is because it fulfils every promise of excellence. Kwikserv is strong, adaptable, flexible and above all, safe – an endorsement that is vital in any industry that works at heights.
Summit Scaffolding Waikato import the Kwikserv products including Kwikscaff and Kwikstage systems, KSL Tube and Fittings, Ringlock systems, KSL Falsework, KSL Propping and accessories as well as stocking a huge range of components in-house.

This means whether you are hiring or buying, we can fulfil your scaffold requirements quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
Summit Scaffolding Waikato’s Hire and Sales department is open six days a week with equipment available directly from our yard or ordered in and shipped to your premises in good time.
Call Howard and the team for these products:
• KSL Tube and Fittings

• Kwikscaff System

• Kwikstage System

• KSL Ringlock System

• KSL Falsework and Propping

• Scaffolding accessories.

The Team

Our ongoing and mutually rewarding relationships with our residential, commercial, and industrial clients wouldn’t be possible without a great team on board to deliver our services.
We reckon that strong connections and excellent service are what Summit Scaffolding Waikato is all about and our extensive training program has installed a professional, polite and loyal workforce to make this happen.
Our excellent work practice stretches from one end of the company to the other and starts at the top with:

Company Director,

John Scott :

Cell: 027 457 9388


John completed his training in 1987 as an advanced scaffolder working around Portsmouth, UK, working as a chargehand on all aspects of scaffolding including commercial, residential and marine. He holds a National Certificate in Advanced Scaffolding and a Site Safe Gold Card.
Some of the projects worked on include Auckland Hospital, Sky City Convention Centre, University of Auckland Business School, Stamford Plaza and Eden Park.

Director, Bruce Pickerill

Cell: 027 457 9488


Bruce started in the scaffolding industry in Sydney, Australia in 1986 working on high-rise construction.
He completed a Scaffolding Class 1 Certificate of Competency NSW and holds a National Certificate in Advanced Scaffolding and a Site Safe Gold Card. His activities have involved various residential, commercial, and petrochemical projects such as Marsden Point Oil Refinery, Portland Cement, Fonterra House, Princes Street and Mt Eden Prison, and work on film industry sets such as Xena and Hercules.

Branch Manager, Gary Pearson is also originally from the UK with 30 years’ scaffolding experience worldwide. Gary is an Advanced Scaffolder and holds a Site Safe Gold Card.

Contracts Manager: Bob Aughey

Health and Safety Manager, Ian Braithwaite has worked in the scaffolding industry for almost 30 years in the UK and NZ. He holds the UK advanced scaffolders card, SARNZ suspended/advanced card, Site Safe gold card and gained his UK qualifications at the Civil Engineering College, Bircham Newton.

Hire and Sales Manager, Huawei (Howard) Pan  provides equipment hire and sale options to customers, and builders, contractors and tradies.

Scaffold Design Engineer, Lee Buckley started in the Scaffold Industry as a Yard Operative in 1996 with Crest Scaffolding in Manchester UK. In 2010 he became a qualified Engineer, joining Summit in 2019.

Yard Foreman, Shane Price has a wealth of experience in the haulage and warehousing industry. He holds a heavy vehicle class licence and is a qualified Hiab operator.

Pamela Pearson

Office Administrator/Accounts – Waikato

Phone: 07 444 4383


Our trusted allies.

Contact us at Summit Scaffolding Waikato

Office: 07 444 4383

Branch Manager: Gary Pearson

Cell: 0220 432619


Contracts Manager: Bob Aughey

Cell: 027 579 188


Physical Address:
127 Ingram Road, Hamilton

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